Hello! Welcome to my cozy fox den! My name is Fox and I am an aspiring freelance digital artist. Always trying my best to study and improve wherever I can. To learn more about me visit the "About" section!Please consider supporting me though commissions, and thank you so much for checking out my work! Means the world to me!Click below to see some art that I want to feature!


Greeting! Pleasure to meet you, my real name is Jayce, but I go by Fox/Pastel. I am a queer trans male artist of 10 years as of 2023, 8 of which are digital! I am located in the US, specifically New England. I got my original start on DeviantArt, which is where the name "Pastel" comes from (PastelShadows is an old username of mine) but since then have disappeared from a few socials mainly due to the changing tides. Though, I'm to fix that! Obsessed with foxes, I collect them.
Nowadays you can find me most active on Furaffinity, I'm still waiting for a new Twitter to come around that I enjoy posting to.


The best way for you to contact me is to either email me at [email protected], my Furaffinity, or my Discord! However, you can still find me by using any of the sites below! The discord will take you to a link to my streaming server. However you may send me a message request! @bestest_fox(Do be warned my Furaffinity/Patreon will include 18+ content)